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Check out our newest video of the Hive Volleyball Development Series

This weeks Vide #1 passing principles and keys!

Hello Hive,

We know that Covid-19 is on all of our minds. We hope everyone is staying well and continuing to practice Social distancing! We will continue to monitor all local and federal guidelines as well as USA and AAU volleyball guidelines. We are committed to the safety of our athletes and the community.  We hope to be back in the gym sometime soon.   Thanks to everyone that tuned in to our first couple facebook live events! We are excited to continue to bring more events in the coming days! Below you can find recordings of the previous videos. Thanks to Justine and Marc!

Mental Toughness with Justine Jones

Student Athlete interviews with Emilee Turner, Milan Clausi and Alex Netherda

Nutrition with Marc rosello part 1

Nutrition with Marc rosello part 2

Recruiting Q&A With Dan Corotan and Shane Tye

We are excited to bring you guys this awesome video.  We  sat down with our friends Dan Corotan (University of Utah)  and Shane Tye (University of San Francisco) to discuss recruiting. 


Please be sure to register athletes for the proper age group

NCAA DI tournament time!!

Hive Volleyball would like to wish both University of Utah and BYU the best of luck in the upcoming tournament. Go Utes!! Go Cougs!!


  • 15 GOLD finishes runner up first 16s-15s Power League tournament 1/25
  • 16 Black 1st place first place 1/11
  • 14 Black 1st place AAU 1/25
  • 13 Gold Power Leauge tournament 1/25
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Hive Tournament season has started

Many Hive teams have already competed in their first tournaments of the season and bringing home THAT HARDWARE!!


All U14-U12 players have been notified. If you did not receive an email.  Please  notify us


Hive Volleyball tryouts 2019-2020 season info and registration

Tryouts for all Hive Volleyball  12 Gold, 13 Gold and all remaining Black and Grey teams will be held after the Jr High and High School season Ends. 

Tryouts for U14, U13 and U12 will be held Tue Oct 15th and Wed Oct 16th.

U12 6:00-7:30 pm
U13 4:00-5:30  pm

U14 8:00-9:30 pm
(check-in starts 30 mins prior to each age groups start times)

Tryouts for U15, U16, U17 and U18 will be held Mon Nov 11th and Tue Nov 12th. 


Hive Volleyball Gold Team Tryouts

Thanks to everyone that attended our gold team tryouts. all black and grey team tryouts will be in the fall after the high school and jr high season. please check back for specific dates.



First we would like to thank everyone for their support!
We just finished our second amazing season and Hive Volleyball continues to find success at the highest levels!

We are making some changes to our tryout process this year.
We remain committed to the needs of athletes. As more and more clubs move their “elite “ team tryouts earlier in the year, we realize holding tryouts in the fall could limit options for many of these athletes. We have aligned our tryouts with other clubs “elite” team tryouts so athletes may attend multiple tryouts to find a club that fits their needs.

Hive will be holding tryouts for our Gold “elite” teams for the 14’s-18’s age groups. We will only be selecting one team per age group at these tryouts. 

Gold team tryouts will be held:

Thursday Aug 1st & Friday Aug 2nd.
Start/End times by age:
                          14s  6:00-7:30 pm
                          15s  6:00-7:30 pm
                          16s  6:00-7:30 pm
                          17s  4:00-5:30 pm
                          18s  4:00-5:30 pm


*Check-in 1/2 hour prior to start times*

There will be a $25 tryout fee. Players are recommended to attend both days. Click on the "Why Hive" pic above to register.
Pre-registration is strongly recommended .

  • These are open tryouts.
  • Teams are not pre-selected.
  • Any athletes not selected for gold teams will be invited to attend fall tryouts.
  • Gold teams are expected to be Hive’s most competitive teams, requiring committed athletes, travel to out of state tournaments and attending Girls Junior National Championships.
  • Athletes placed on a gold team will know what team they have made and will be ready to start practices in the fall after completion of their school seasons.

Hive Volleyball will hold tryouts for all other teams in the Fall. U12-U14 age groups will be in October after the Jr. High season. U15-U17 age groups tryouts will be held in November after the High School season. 

As if that’s not enough exciting news, mark your calendars we are excited to announce BOY’S TRYOUTS!!
September 5th and 6th     6:00-8:00 pm
Contact Shawn Willett  with any questions about boy’s tryouts.
Keep and eye out for more info regarding boy’s tryouts!

For additional questions please contact
Eric Howard 801-897-7014

Colby Burleson 801-573-1659

Thanks For an amazing 2019 season!!

Check back for season highlights and updates about our Teams competing in Nationals.




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Eric Howard

Hive Volleyball

Phone: 801-897-7014

Colby Burleson

Hive Volleyball

Phone: 8015731659

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