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All 2022 Summer Registration is open!!!


Whether you are 7 years old or 18 years old, we have options for you. Please read below to find the best option for your training needs. 



2022 Hive High School Camps

Through this camp, our coaches will reinforce advanced mechanics in all skills including serving, passing, attacking, setting and individual defense. All players need the common knowledge of offensive and defensive systems.

Each athlete will have the opportunity to gain continued skill development, small group reps, along with 6v6 activity.


Camp #1 June 7-9 (Tue/Wed/Thur)

Camp #2 June 20-22 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Camp #3 June 27-29 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Camp #4 July 18-20 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Elite Camp July 5-8 (Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri)


Camps 1-4 10am-12:30Opm

Elite Camp 9am-2pm



Camps 1-4 $120 (each)

3 Camp Discount $300 (Camps 1-4 Only)

Elite Camp $200

5 Camp Discount $500 (Includes Elite Camp)


2022 Hive Junior High Camps

In a fun and safe environment our coaches will teach the principles and keys designed to perform each skill needed to play volleyball with confidence. Our camps will have 2-3 courts running based on skill and experience. We will have beginner to advanced courts running throughout each camp. These camps are designed to go at the speed of which the players need to take advantage of every opportunity to learn new movements or skills as well as reinforce mechanics of each skill. 


Dates :

Camp #1 June 7-9 (Tue/Wed/Thur)

Camp #2 June 20-22 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Camp #3 June 27-29 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Camp #4 July 18-20 (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Elite Camp July 5-8 (Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri)

*Elite Camp is for advanced players ranging from 13-18 years old. We will place each player on the court that will offer the most growth. There will be multiple courts running to be age appropriate. THIS CAMP IS NOT FOR NOVICE OR AGES 12 AND UNDER


Camps 1-4 1pm-3pm

Elite Camp 9am-2pm



Camps 1-4 $120 (each)

3 Camp Discount $300 (camps 1-4 only)

Elite Camp $200

5 Camp Discount $500 (Includes Elite Camp)

2022 Hive Futures Summer

We are excited to continue our Futures program at Hive Volleyball. The Futures is designed to bridge the gab between rec leagues and club volleyball. Each young player will receive beginner instruction from our coaches who will be teaching the basics of each skill needed to advance in the sport. These reps are important to gain understanding of new movements and technics to build a strong foundation for what comes next. 

We have 3 different classes that will help kids from ages 7-13. Each class will run consecutive on the same days and times so we can place kids where they need to be. 

Foundation- This class is best suited for young and brand new players. We will be introducing the basic skills and movements for volleyball.

Upgrade- This class is best for those that have a basic knowledge of volleyball and can execute good serving mechanics with good ball/hand contact, pass a ball in a up & forward direction 50% of the time, and can complete a 4 step approach without a ball.

Refined- This class is best for those that can complete a serve over the net 50% of the time, use a great angle with their platform to pass a ball to target, can complete a 4-step approach while making consistent contact with the ball, and has great ball shaped hands while overhead passing.


June, July, August


(exact dates on registration)




6 Punch Pass- $99

12 Punch Pass- $179

24 Punch Pass- $319

Unlimited Pass- $399 (36 Trainings + Scrimmages)

*Extra punches $15 each training

(No refunds for unused punches)



Hive 2022 Summer Training Series

Hive Volleyball is excited to offer another summer of training!

We are working on getting registration and detailed information on our website. Please see below for planned dates. 


We have trainings for any player at any level. We will focus on separate trainings for High School, Junior High and Elementary age groups. 



New Hive Team Store!!!

Visit the new Hive Team Store. The Store is always open with no minimums you can click the image to left or click on the "Team Store" Tab at the top of the page. 

Lots of items to choose from. Everything from T's to hoodies, outerwear,  headbands and blankets.

Great gifts for players or parents looking to show support of their favorite Hive Player!!

For the entire month of December enter code "GOHIVE20" FOR 20% off all apparel items. 

Hive's Mental Performance Coach

Justine grew up in Boise, Idaho before moving to Salt Lake City. She attended Westminster College while playing for the Women's Soccer team. Justine received her BS from Westminster College in Psychology. After completion of her BS, Justine attended the University of Utah and graduated with her MS in Sport and Performance Psychology. During her time at the University of Utah Justine interned with Women’s Dive, Women’s Swim, and Westminster Men’s Soccer. 

Justine has experience working with USA Nordic Sports (Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping), Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine, Utah State Athletics, Westminster College Athletics, Real Salt Lake, Elite Development Academy (Soccer), as well as various high school teams, local club teams, and youth athletes. These experiences allowed Justine another facet into helping others achieve athletic excellence with a wide range of experience from youth to professional athletes. 

As an elite collegiate athlete, Justine understands the rigors and demands of competing at a high level. During her time at Westminster, Justine received various awards including first team all-conference, offensive MVP, and still holds various school records. Upon completion of her senior year, Justine joined the women’s soccer coaching staff at Westminster College to continue her love of sport and competition there.

Justine lives in Salt Lake City. When she is not working, you can find her hiking, boating, traveling, and exploring new places with her husband Jordan and dog Griffin.


Click here to visit Team Store

We are working on Registration for Summer 2022. Please check back soon

Camp starts


We are working on registration for Summer 2022. Please check back soon.

  • 15 GOLD finishes runner up first 16s-15s Power League tournament 1/25
  • 16 Black 1st place first place 1/11
  • 14 Black 1st place AAU 1/25
  • 13 Gold Power Leauge tournament 1/25
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Hive Tournament season has started

Many Hive teams have already competed in their first tournaments of the season and bringing home THAT HARDWARE!!

Check out our newest video of the Hive Volleyball Development Series

This weeks Vide #1 passing principles and keys!

Mental Toughness with Justine Jones

Student Athlete interviews with Emilee Turner, Milan Clausi and Alex Netherda

Nutrition with Marc rosello part 1

Nutrition with Marc rosello part 2

Recruiting Q&A With Dan Corotan and Shane Tye

We are excited to bring you guys this awesome video.  We  sat down with our friends Dan Corotan (University of Utah)  and Shane Tye (University of San Francisco) to discuss recruiting. 


Please be sure to register athletes for the proper age group

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Hive Volleyball

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